Efficient Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm located in The Woodlands, Texas.

At Efficient Wealth Management, we have developed a consultative approach where we work with a team of experts to help clients manage their complex financial lives.  Not only do we help protect their wealth through investment consulting, but we work with them to develop advanced planning solutions to mitigate their taxes, take care of their heirs, protect their assets from being unjustly taken and maximize the impact of their charitable planning.

To ensure excellent service, we limit our practice to a select number of clients for whom we can have a tremendous impact.

The Efficient Wealth Management Process



Intelligent Investing With Integrity

Integrity is the umbrella under which the five company core values reside. It is the alignment of our values and our actions.

Core Values

Client Centricity

Commitment to client success. The client comes first – before new business. Consistently offer a great and relevant experience for each client.


Selfless generosity as its own reward. Giving without expectation.


Genuine respect, concern and compassion for all – team members, clients, professionals and friends of EWM


Holding onto the positive spirit and energy that makes EWM a great place to work. An ethical environment where doing the right thing comes naturally.

Pursuit Of Excellence

Continuous improvement and growth both personally and professionally.

 Vision Statement

Help people make smart decisions about their money that align with their goals and values so that they may enjoy all that life has to offer worry-free