Business Leaders


We make Work Optional

Our expertise is working with growth-oriented, well-informed, entrepreneurial minded business leaders and business owners who value a consultative approach in providing solutions to their often-complex financial situations. We act as the financial advocates for medical professionals, business owners and c-suite executives by consulting on all areas of their financial lives in order to enhance, protect and transfer their wealth through an advanced wealth management approach.

All clients are served by an in-house team of financial specialists.  Our consultative approach paired with a team of external experts help clients not only protect their wealth but mitigate taxes, take care of their heirs, protect their assets from being unjustly taken and maximize their charitable impact.  Our process-driven environment allows for efficient operations and high-touch client service.

We advise on tools and resources that help grow businesses, life transitions such as the sale of a business or retirement as well as executive compensation packages including:

  • Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) analysis within 401(k)s
  • Stock and restricted stock options and grants
  • Health savings plan utilization