About You

Who We Serve

Many investors, due to age or circumstance, have relatively simple planning and investment needs. If this is your situation, you would probably be better served by a mass market retail investment house.

However, a smaller and more rarified group of successful professionals have exclusive needs that are best managed using our consultative approach, working with a team of experts handpicked for their specific niche competencies.

These successful professionals have challenges well beyond picking investments. They need a comprehensive wealth management solution.

Wealth Management goes beyond investment consulting solutions. Our typical clients have advanced planning needs such as mitigating their taxes, taking care of their heirs, protecting their assets from being unjustly taken, and maximizing the impact of their charitable giving.

An individual with these advanced needs may be well suited for our services.

Areas of Specialization

It is our belief that it is impossible to be all things to all clients. Though many of our core competencies easily translate into many situations, we have focused our growth in three key areas where we feel we have unique industry expertise and can add the greatest value: Business Owners and Leaders, The Southeast Texas Energy Industry and the Major Airlines.